About The Blog

Who? What? Where? When? Why?


Who? I'm an avid mystery reader, fueled primarily by pots and pots of builder's tea. Let's leave everything else a mystery for now ...

What? Deviously Devious is a mystery writing and reading community (if you say it, then it becomes real, right?). It's a place where we talk about mysteries, mystery writing, the mystery of writing, and what we're reading.

Where? Written from a lakefront Midwestern city, a place that is less windy than is popularly reported.

When? Umm - now I'm up and running - I expect to update pretty often?

Why? Honestly ... partly as a forcing mechanism to get myself writing every day. ("Butt in chair, words on page.") But also to share with anyone who's just as excited about writing and reading mysteries as I am. (I've been obsessed since I talked my dad into letting me get Death on the Nile out of the library in the second grade.)

Read, enjoy, share