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Friday Reads and Watches: Brought to You by Agatha Christie Edition

The "This Has to Be a Scam, Right?" read: I've been following the story of a crypto-currency firm whose founder died (maybe, just maybe under mysterious circumstances?). Now there is $190M that can't be accessed out of the accounts. Because he was the ONLY one with the passwords?! The kindest take is that this was a crazy bad business decision (seriously: who on earth would have approved this from a risk perspective?) But it just seems awfully fishy, y'all. (See: "The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim" in Poirot Investigates.)

The "How Did I Not Know This Word Before?" read: Johatsu, or "evaporated people," is what the Japanese call people who (by their own choice) disappear. There are businesses that specialize in overnight moves for those who want to leave their old life behind. (Although the reasons themselves are often very sad, so have some chocolate and call your mom after reading this one. Then read "The Case of the Missing Lady" in Partners in Crime.)

The "He Stealing Her Clothes?" read: College student thinks there was a ghost in her closet, but turns out there was just a man living there?? This story was terrifying. (See: "The Tragedy of Marsdon Manor," also in Poirot Investigates)

The "I Have an Apology" read: The New Yorker's expose(?) of Dan Mallory (aka AJ Finn, aka author of the somewhat derivative but very successful The Woman in the Window, aka basically being described here as the second coming of Tom Ripley) is worth the long read, in case you missed it somehow earlier this week. Based on this, I'd like to apologize to Sophie Hannah, for thinking, as I finished Closed Casket, that it was a good country house Christie (if not to my personal taste as much as her other Poirots) but gosh, weren't some of the characters just a little unrealistic? Who acts that way in real life? Well, seems like some people do act that way.

The "I Need to Binge Watch Mysteries All Weekend" read: Refinery29 has rounded up all of the Agatha Christie adaptations. I'm partial to David Suchet's Poirot, but, despite some mixed reviews, curious to try the new Amazon version just to see what I think ... and also: I had no idea Liz Taylor was in an adaptation of The Mirror Crack'd!

Happy Friday!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I only decided to add book links to this post at the end when I realized everything I'd picked could be related back to an Agatha Christie novel or story.

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