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Friday Reads, Watches, & Listens: The Alexis Carrington Edition

“In order to get the things I want, it helps me to pretend I’m a figure in a daytime drama, a schemer. Soap opera characters make emphatic pronouncements. They ball up their fists and state their goals out loud. - David Sedaris, Me Talk Pretty One Day

Today's going to be strong on the reads, light on watches, and I'll just admit that I'm too woefully behind on listens to have anything to recommend that fits into today's theme.

But here, my friends, are the things to read this week:

I strongly agree that it is important to have a nemesis. Every soap opera has taught us that.

Soap operas taught this author to write crime fiction. Also, they are so much fun.

Jordan Reeves, inventor of a robotic arm that shoots glitter, is an American hero. In her own words: "“I decided that I wanted to make an arm that shot glitter because, why not? You know, glitter is just a joy." Correct, young lady, correct.

Did you know that there is a murder mystery wine train? I look forward to some future date, long from now, when I have no other responsibilities but to swan and out of murder mystery events in a sequinned muumuu. I'm going to be the BEST grandmother.

And watches:

Speaking of grandparents, do you know what yours have been up to? Like maybe double lives and spying? (As an aside: my grandfather did have a mysterious tiny spy camera that my little brother inherited. My brother brought it with him one year to a White House Christmas tree viewing and almost got kicked out of the event by the Secret Service.) Anyway, I've added Mrs. Wilson to my to-be-watched list.

Also, I'm inspired to dig back into some soap opera-y backlog somewhere this weekend. I'll take recommendations!

Happy Friday!

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