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Friday Reads, Watches, & Listens: The Cary Grant Edition


Fantastic article by Caity Weaver about taking a train trip across the US. Highlight: "Contrary to multiple acquaintances’ declarations that I would encounter “some real weirdos” on the train, the first person I met on board my first sleeper car after boarding the train in Penn Station was a man in a sparkly cardigan and leather pants who breezily identified himself as “a prophet,” which is perhaps the world’s second-oldest profession." As I said: Fan.Tas.Tic. (North by Northwest)

If you haven't seen this tweetstorm about a man whose apartment was invaded by a gang of two dogs and a cat, please enjoy that summary. It's delightful. The cat is clearly the brains of the operation. (The Awful Truth, Bringing Up Baby)

Who knew that being a prison consultant to white collar criminals heading to prison was a job? I did not, until I read about it here. There's some kind of irony here that I can't even begin to unpack, as it's too early on a Friday. (If you have not fully dug into the college admissions scandal - the full indictment was ... a piece of work, and the New York Times did a comprehensive round-up to the madness last week.) (To Catch a Thief)

Why reporters aren't the best heroes in political thrillers. (I must respectfully disagree - what about All the President's Men? Or Spotlight?) (His Girl Friday)

Speaking of political thrillers, Black Cube, DarkMatter, and Global Risk Advisors all sound like made-up espionage / counterespionage firms in a Frederick Forsyth novel. But they are real and up to a whole heck of a lot of hacking. Nothing, apparently, is secret anymore. (P.S. Don't trust baby monitors. Or really, anything with wires or batteries.) (Notorious, Charade)

Was Ann Bilansky a murderess or not? That question captured the nation in 1859, as Christine Seifert explores in The Atavist. (Arsenic and Old Lace)


In keeping with this week's them, I'll have to recommend my four favorite Cary Grant movies this week: North by Northwest, Holiday, The Philadelphia Story, and His Girl Friday. Also, I haven't seen but am eagerly awaiting the chance to go to Us, the new Jordan Peele movie (see review by David Sims here).


It's the greatest time of the year for brackets. My beloved movie podcast, Blank Check with Griffin & David, (yup, David Sims from above, with his partner in crime, actor Griffin Claude Beresford Dauphin Newman) runs a bracket to decide what auteur director they will cover in an upcoming series. (Yes - I was inspired to cover authors from first to last book in orderbased on their format of going through director's filmographies in order. Also because I'm the kind of monster-y person who really, really enjoys organizing things. The Container Store is, next to a bookstore, one of my happiest places.)

Happy Friday!

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