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Friday Reads, Watches, & Listens: The Påskekrim Edition


I'll be celebrating Påskekrim this weekend! On my agenda are: The Sentence is Murder, by Anthony Horowitz (review coming in next few weeks), followed up likely by Cyril Hare's Death is No Sportsman. Depending on my progress, I may have room in my queue for one more ... it should be a book I've promised to review, but I'm up for squeezing in something else that's Norwegian, Easter-themed, Passover-themed, involves rabbits (although Hare fits the bill in name!), or perhaps includes many chocolates ... anyway, I welcome thoughts! Let me know in the comments.

The Atlantic on why dentistry has evolved separately from other medical fields, including the history of barber surgeons, and how this used for nefarious means by some dentists. I've been suspicious of them ever since I read One, Two, Buckle My Shoe. (But seriously - go to your twice yearly dental cleaning. Especially if you are, like me, considering a balanced diet to be (Cadbury Easter) eggs, (chocolate) rabbit (ears), and (jelly) beans over the next 48 hours.)

Morbid, perhaps, but they're putting the "fun" back in funeral. Seems appropriate on a weekend where resurrection is celebrated!


Obviously anything Nordic and noir ... Shetland, which is still on my to be watched list, is surely close enough? And then I do need to finish my beloved Santa Clarita Diet ... DECISIONS.

And then, of course, I've got to start hyping this movie: We Have Always Lived in the Castle is one of my favorite novels of all time - I picked it up during a summer trip to Maine when I was about thirteen, and didn't move from my window seat until I'd finished it, not even for warm blueberry crisp. I was very excited when this trailer popped up in my Twitter feed and I'm counting down the days until the release.


My find of the week is the It Was a Dark and Stormy Book Club. A mother-daughter crime fiction loving duo from Maryland (I knew from the accents the minute I started listening, since I suddenly felt like I was home!), they interview mystery novelists and talk about what they're reading. I started with the Andrew Shaffer (of Biden/Obama mystery novel fame) interview and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Happy Friday, my crime loving friends, and happy, happy Påskekrim!

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